Services you don’t think about until you NEED them!

We all have services we use daily and can reach them by just grabbing our phones and going to our contact list.  But what happens when something unusual pops up and we have no idea who to call or better yet, who runs a service or business of this sort.  Recently, I was pulling out of my garage and backed over a spray paint can.  I heard a loud pop!  At first, I thought gun shots but then I quickly remembered spray painting a project in my garage the night before. I knew what I had done and it was not going to be pretty.  I was literally scared to get out of my car to see the damage I had done.  I knew it was going to be a disaster to not only my driveway but also my new car!  Not to mention, hearing my husband’s reaction!  I opened my car door and stepped out slowly and voila!  A masterpiece!  Bright blue spray paint splattered everywhere!  On the stucco of my house, my car, my driveway, and even the garage floor and walls.  Better yet, to make matters even worse the spray-paint-can must have blasted off and kicked up a rock and cracked my windshield!

Cracked Windshield

What had I done to deserve this?  It started out such a great morning.  So now, I am watching the spray paint dry on my concrete driveway before my eyes and know this is going to be next to impossible to get off.  Who do I call?  (Well, I have to give a shout-out because these guys and gals took great care of me!) Who do I call for my windshield replacement? (I was in Mesa AZ, so I went to the windshield replacement experts at Dealer Auto Glass Mesa of course! By they way, these guys were awesome and also recommend Dealer Auto Glass Tucson if I was in Tucson, for trips to Las Vegas, Dealer Auto Glass LV was the place for auto glass issues, and lastly, go old Denver auto glass for windshield replacements in the Mile High City – all NGA approved – but I remiss)  Who scrubs spray paint off houses, driveways, and cars?  I knew my whole day at this point was going to be soaked up by finding services to fix my new issues.  The first thing I thought to address was my windshield.  I could see the crack getting bigger and bigger as I stood there in the 100 degree Arizona heat.  I knew this could potentially be a hazard while driving and even more expensive of a fix if I waited.  So who do I call for this service?   This obviously does not happen often but when you need a windshield repaired, you need it repaired asap!  I found a company that heard the concern in my voice while on the phone and they actually came to my home and repaired it right in my driveway while I concentrated on cleaning up the rest of the mess.  My next stop was home depot.  They recommended all these crazy chemicals to pour on my driveway, I was getting light headed just talking about these chemicals.  I knew it would not be safe to pour hazardous chemicals all around with my children and pets around the house as well.  To make a long story short.  A ton of old school elbow grease with steel brushes and a 4000 psi pressure washer did the trick.  I hired a few hard workers and they got the job done is about two days.  They repainted my stucco on my house too!  The paint was underneath my car and on my tires, luckily that wore off pretty quickly!  Whew, a little bump in the road but thankful it all worked out!